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Bad Sound Kills Good Music

Richer Sounds - Bad Sounds Kill Good Music

We've just completed a sweet video for Richer Sounds, to promote their new 'Bad Sounds Kill Good Music' campaign. Fully CGI rendered in High-Definition, the video maps avatar mouth movements to the voice-over, and the link has been viewed over 180,000 times in the first week (and counting).

Check it out here.

New Deluxe Case Study with Richer Sounds

Richer SoundsA Case Study with Richer Sounds has been released, detailing the relationship and services that Deluxe Corporation have provided the retailer as part of their online marketing campaign and web presence.

"I have yet to present the company with a problem they can’t solve or project that they can’t execute brilliantly, on time and within budget. Deluxe manages to incorporate state of the art technological skills with traditional values of personal service, I can’t fault them."
- Claudia Vernon - Marketing Director - Richer Sounds

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