Deluxe in the press have just published an article by Dominic in their Technology Weekly section. Take a read.

Live Video Streaming

We've been working hard recently on a new online TV system, to allow clients to broadcast live, on-demand or archive video direct to their clients. Think of it like a live version of YouTube - in fact it uses the same Flash Media Streaming systems that YouTube / Seesmic and the other top video archive sites make use of. Except our system is totally live.

DEL TVInstant video loading into any browser, either via the web or in high-definition over your corporate networks.

We'll be putting an online version live here shortly as a demo. Contact us for more information in the meantime.

Indiana Jones film launch at the Cannes Film Festival

Indiana Jones - Carlton Hotel in Cannes

Deluxe have just returned from the Cannes Film Festival in France, having filmed and put together the tech behind an interactive video blog with the producers, directors and stars of the new Indiana Jones movie. As part of the launch campaign for the film, which premieres today, Paramount Pictures chose the online video community at Seesmic to host a question and answer session with the stars of the film talking to journalists and members of the public from around the world.

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