Deluxe Corporation - 3D Modelling

At Deluxe, we produce 3D models and CGI animations for various DVDs, films and marketing campaigns. We can make accurate 3D models of just about anything, produce stunning animations, and deliver on just about any platform and resolution to meet your requirements.

Some of our latest projects include a DVD and magazine series published by De Agostini called Fighting Aircraft. It contains fabulous footage and detailed CGI models of the world's greatest military aircraft, Deluxe Corporation were commissioned to produce all of the CGI content, record the voice-overs, edit and compile the footage and create each DVD in the series, always within the strict timescales imposed by the publishing industry. The newly created CGI footage is creatively mixed with archive film and video, that often needs careful restoration to preserve its quality for future generations.

Our team also has extensive experience with developing models and animations of characters for children’s books and magazines, as well as for manufacturers of foodstuffs and household products for product visualization and placement.

Call us on +44 (0)20 8747 4515, all or email us for a preliminary chat about your ideas and how we can quickly and cost effectively turn them into reality.