We've moved! Seems we've been missed...

We moved offices a while ago, but these things take time to permeate. Sorry if you have had problems getting in contact.

Call us - the phone number is 020 7100 8982 - email remains the same.

See the contact page for full details.

Content Management

Awesome how CMS systems have evolved over the last couple of years - who would have guessed that Blogging systems would develop into platforms capable of supporting the websites of big cororates and take the lead in web publishing systems.

Ease of use, Google friendly publishing on the web is now a reality, thanks to Wordpress, Moveable Tyoe, Drupal, Joomla etc - deployed by by some of the biggest corporate companies world-wide.

The vast majority of our clients are now moving over to these new platforms - contact us and join the new revolution!

Bad Sound Kills Good Music

Richer Sounds - Bad Sounds Kill Good Music

We've just completed a sweet video for Richer Sounds, to promote their new 'Bad Sounds Kill Good Music' campaign. Fully CGI rendered in High-Definition, the video maps avatar mouth movements to the voice-over, and the link has been viewed over 180,000 times in the first week (and counting).

Check it out here.

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